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Kate Norris

In her early 20s, Kate started her speaking career by unknowingly killing her audiences with statistics, PowerPoint and terrible speaking skills, and she soon became aware that something had to change. Thus began her quest to answer the question: "can dry, serious material be presented in a way that people actually want to listen?"

Thomas Krafft

Thomas does not know a life without public speaking; his teenage years were spent instructing his fellow air force cadets and his adult life speaking to varied audiences. Fun is his primary weapon and he uses it to break down all walls of nervousness and doubt. He gives you permission to be yourself and with a fun-loving approach, lets you relax and slowly step out of your comfort zone.


What They Say

Presentation Skills Workshop Testimonials


"Thomas was able to extract the essence of what I wanted to say. What I ended up with was a very professional presentation that… stood out in its simplicity. It stood out in a way that it complimented what I was saying in a very effective manner.

I would recommend Thomas for not only his knowledge, but also for the way that he and I worked together to create what I needed and what I wanted so that I could deliver the best presentation I could and serve the audience that had come to see my work."

Mark Hunter

World Champion Public Speaking


"Huge thanks to Kate and Thomas from Presentation Boss. As an introverted writer, the idea of presenting anything in person is daunting. After just half an hour with these two my presentation felt more polished, my slides looked a million times better and I felt significantly more comfortable. In the end, my presentation went amazingly well and it gained me some new clients. Well worth it!"


Succint Copywriting


"As an event founder, MC & Auctioneer, my task list was copious for our inaugural Elixir Gala Ball to raise funds for R U OK day. More importantly, I had many generous sponsors that I needed to fulfil. Presentation Boss were my absolute saviours! They created a sleek & attractive PowerPoint presentation that was displayed on all screens throughout our function during the night. I literally saw my sponsors smile as their logo was displayed in elegance on the screens. I strongly recommend Presentation Boss for their professionalism & efficiency. They produced a professional product which strongly assisted me & my event. Thank you PB! You saved me.”

Chadwick Harding

Founder, Elixir Gala Ball

“What an awesome job you did. Have had attendees catching me all afternoon to say how good it was ...surprisingly good as they usually hate this softskill stuff. Well done. I can recommend Presentation Boss.”

Peter Floyd

Director Operations, QLD Department of Agriculture & Fisheries



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How to encourage your audience to take action

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Our Values



Pursue growth and learning. Always.



Foster courage in a safe environment. Support, love and no judgement.



Display understanding over knowledge. Experience is greater than theory.



Exhibit passion and determination.



Embrace personality.



Deliver positive results.



Build meaningful relationships.



Show humility and true self.



Bring fun and a little weirdness.



Do more with less.