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Archive for February 2018

What Pilot Training Can Teach You About Public Speaking!

  Our mental capacity to concentrate is limited. I like to think of this capacity as a bucket – a brain bucket. It has a finite amount of space you can fill with simultaneous tasks and each of those tasks takes some amount of space. Think about when you’re learning to drive, for instance. Your…

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your PowerPoints Immediately!

  PowerPoint is the most used presentation software in the world. It is installed on basically every PC on the planet and thanks to being relatively easy to use, it is also the most abused piece of software. A tool for good, twisted and morphed into a tool for human torture. And I see you…

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Stagecraft Lessons from Gary Vee

  In a room of about 1500, it was incredible to watch an expert communicator work with his audience. Much of the audience had come largely to see Gary Vee talk and you could feel the energy in the room due to a speaker speaking to exactly the right crowd. There is a lot to…

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Why Saying Less Will Communicate More

  The reason a lot of presentations struggle to capture an audience is because content is king but it’s treated as an afterthought. Communicating a clear message is the most important and most forgotten aspect of a presentation. ‘After twenty minutes of droning on, I don’t even know what he told us’ So how do…

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Death by PowerPoint?

We’ve all been there: wishing for death’s cold embrace as we endure a PowerPoint that should never have been created. While a lack of design or even too many slides may be forgivable, the biggest problem is far too much content.  How do we go about making sure we keep the content down? Simply put,…

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One Easy Tip to Memorize Any Part of Your Presentation

In mid 2017 I found myself on a stage in a Public Speaking Contest final. I was one of 7 contestants from a membership of over 3500. I had won this same contest at the three levels beforehand and this was only the fourth time I would present these seven minutes on stage. From here…

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