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Who we are

Welcome to Presentation Boss!

Discover how having a proven system to plan, design and deliver influential data presentations is the key to feeling heard and being persuasive, using the Data Storytelling Success Model™

We help you identify your core message, tell stories with data and design awesome visuals to share insights and value with your stakeholders.

Plan, design and deliver your data stories - and save time doing it!

Meet the team

Kate Norris


Kate spent years working in finance and analytics where data was presented in the same complex, boring way. And for years, not knowing any better, she did the same.

Eventually, she realised that all her efforts were leading to no action and her insights were not being clearly communicated throughout the business.

With research (plus plenty of trial and error), she discovered how to quickly and easily translate data into engaging, story-based presentations. Unsurprisingly, this made a huge difference to her work.

Now, she teaches this same methodology to others, helping them present data stories that are non-boring and deliver actionable insights.

She lives in Brisbane with her kids (2) and husband (1), and spends an irritating amount of time pushing her cat off her keyboard.

Growing up, Thomas Krafft wanted to be a pilot. He spent years getting his pilot's licence, sitting through 'death by PowerPoint' disguised as training.

Thousands of hours of experimenting, designing and delivering presentations later, Thomas found the small changes that make a big difference to reports and presentations.

Now, he passes these techniques on to others, helping them to present data and complex information in visually engaging presentations.

He lives in Brisbane where, as a keen environmentalist, he volunteers much of his time cleaning up the ocean and local waterways.

Thomas Krafft

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