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Who we are

Welcome to Presentation Boss!

Presentation Boss is Australia's leading Data Storytelling training provider. They empower people to find and tell stories with their data, and turn insights into business decisions with a commercial focus.

Discover how having a proven system to plan, design and deliver influential data presentations is the key to feeling heard and being persuasive, using the Data Storytelling Success Model™

We help you identify your key message, tell stories with data and design awesome visuals to share insights and value with your stakeholders.

Our training is fun and practical, and always up to date with best practices in data storytelling & presentation design.

Plan, design and deliver your data stories - and save time doing it!

Meet the team

Kate Norris


Kate is an experienced data analyst with a background in finance and safety data analytics.

She heads the data storytelling portfolio in Presentation Boss, working with clients to produce effective data visualisations and succinct, story-driven reports and presentations.

As a trainer, she creates a fun, inclusionary environment as she guides people through the data storytelling process, helping them move from analyst to data leader by inspiring action through data-driving business decisions.

She lives in Brisbane with her kids (2) and husband (1), and spends an irritating amount of time pushing her cat off her keyboard.

With a background in aviation, Thomas has a deep understanding of the importance of communicating technical information for audience understanding.

As Presentation Boss’ lead designer and presentation coach, he has designed and produced slides for international keynote speakers, government agencies, start-up pitch decks and not-for-profit organisations.

He has coached hundreds of speakers and leaders in presentations, using humour and practical feedback to help people feel confident and deliver their best presentations. As a trainer, he helps others find the small changes that make big moves from ‘death by PowerPoint’ to visually engaging presentations and reports.

He lives in Brisbane where, as a keen environmentalist, he volunteers much of his time cleaning up the ocean and local waterways.

Thomas Krafft

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