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Who we are

Welcome to Presentation Boss!

Presentation Boss is all about the art of communication. We believe that speaking is based on acquired skills that can be improved by a theoretical understanding, constructive feedback and practise. We believe that gifted speakers may be born, but effective communicators are made.

We are obsessed with analysing every aspect of presentation skills, and passionate about empowering others to enhance their communication skills.

Combine this with a refusal to be anything other than our kind-of-dorky selves, we can help you own the a boss.

Kate Norris

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With a background in data analytics and finance, Kate is no stranger to finding an engaging way to present lifeless data in an actionable way.

She now helps people clearly identify their message and turn their potentially dry information into energetic and engaging presentations.

Cool things about Kate:

  • She dabbles in stand-up comedy
  • She enjoys Microsoft Excel more than is socially acceptable.
  • She has 4 kids... but 2 of those are cats

Thomas began as an instructor in aviation and his entire adult life has been dedicated to coaching others to improve their own presentation skills.

A master of PowerPoint design and presentation physicality, Thomas comes with a deep understanding built from dedicating years to the art of presenting.

Cool things about Thomas:

  • He's a licensed pilot.
  • He was the youngest ever Distinguished Toastmaster in Queensland.
  • He's tall. 6’6’’. Yes, really. Yes, the weather is lovely up there. No, he doesn’t play basketball.

Thomas Krafft

Image by William Gordon Photography