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Welcome to Presentation Boss!

We are all about the art of public speaking. We help people tackle their nerves, and bring life to their current presentations.

Our approach to teaching and coaching others is backed by more than just a theoretical knowledge. With 18 years of public speaking experience between us, we are obsessed with analysing every aspect of presentation skills. Combine this with a refusal to be anything other than our kind-of-dorky selves, we can help you own the stage...like a boss.

Kate Norris

Image by William Gordon Photography

In her early 20s, Kate started her speaking career by unknowingly killing her audiences with statistics, PowerPoint and terrible speaking skills, and she soon became aware that something had to change. Thus began her quest to answer the question: "can dry, serious material be presented in a way that people actually want to listen?" (Spoiler alert: Yes. The answer is yes.)

Years of Toastmasters International membership, presentation training and a few speaking-contest wins later, she now helps people clearly identify their message and turn their potentially dry information into energetic and engaging presentations. She’ll help you work through those nerves and be confident and authentic with your audience.

Cool things about Kate:

  • She has a finance degree because at one point she thought data analysis sounded like a fun career path (what was she thinking??).
  • She enjoys Microsoft Excel more than is socially acceptable.
  • She has an inability to take life seriously.

Thomas Krafft

Thomas does not know a life without public speaking; his teenage years were spent instructing his fellow air force cadets and his adult life speaking to varied audiences. Fun is his primary weapon and he uses it to break down all walls of nervousness and doubt. He gives you permission to be yourself and with a fun-loving approach, lets you relax and slowly step out of your comfort zone.

But don’t let his silliness fool you! He comes armed with deep presentation knowledge and understanding, built from dedicating years to impromptu speaking skills, PowerPoint design, storytelling and coaching others to improve their own presentation skills. As a member of Toastmasters since 2008 he has given hundreds of speeches, facilitated and been MC for conferences of hundreds, through to entertaining small groups.

Cool things about Thomas:

  • He's a licensed pilot.
  • He was the youngest ever Distinguished Toastmaster in Queensland.
  • He's tall. 6’6’’. Yes, really. Yes, the weather is lovely up there. No, he doesn’t play basketball.
Image by William Gordon Photography

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Our Values



Pursue growth and learning. Always.



Foster courage in a safe environment. Support, love and no judgement.



Display understanding over knowledge. Experience is greater than theory.



Exhibit passion and determination.



Embrace personality.



Deliver positive results.



Build meaningful relationships.



Show humility and true self.



Bring fun and a little weirdness.



Do more with less.