Who We Are

Welcome to Presentation Boss!

Presentation Boss is Australia’s leading Data Storytelling training provider.

We empower people to find and tell stories with their data, and turn insights into business decisions with a commercial focus.

Discover how having a proven system to plan, design and deliver influential data presentations is the key to feeling heard and being persuasive, using the Data Storytelling Success Model™.

We help you identify your key message, tell stories with data and design awesome visuals to share insights and value with your stakeholders.

Our training is fun and practical, and always up to date with best practices in data storytelling & presentation design.

Plan, design and deliver your data stories – and save time doing it!

Meet the Team

Kate Norris

Kate is an experienced data analyst with a background in finance and safety analytics. She is in charge of the team’s data visualisation and real-time content workshopping. Kate loves to guide clients through the process of creating excellent data visualisations as well as concise, story-driven reports and presentations.

She creates a joyful, comfortable environment as a trainer as she helps individuals through the data storytelling process, assisting them in transitioning from analyst to data leader by encouraging action through data-driven business decisions.

Kate lives on the Brisbane bayside with her husband, 2 kids, 2 cats, and she spends a lot of time upside down in a handstand.

Thomas has a history in aviation, which helped him to develop a deep understanding of the significance of effectively conveying important information for audience action. The principal designer and presentation coach for Presentation Boss, he has created visuals and slides for start-ups through to international speakers. He is an energetic, inclusive and engaging trainer in the room.

He helps people feel confident and proud of their best presentation, using humor and practical feedback. As a trainer, he helps others find the small changes that make big moves from ‘death by PowerPoint’ to visually engaging presentations and reports.

A proud environmentalist, Thomas is a lover of exploring the outdoors, so on the weekends you’ll find him up a mountain or in an Ocean Crusader’s boat removing rubbish from local waterways

Thomas Krafft