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Aspiring Speakers Guild

Hone your speaking skills in a friendly, constructive environment

Practice your latest presentation and learn from other experienced speakers. With monthly meetings built around giving resounding presentations, ASG is the perfect place to start your career as a professional speaker.

What Is Aspiring Speakers Guild (ASG)?

Aspiring Speakers Guild is a place where speakers who are seeking to move into the professional speaking market can learn how to put together a keynote, practice their existing keynotes, and receive feedback from expert presentation skills coaches. Our atmosphere is tailored to those who have beaten the fear of public speaking and are committed to being paid to speak, but are not yet speaking professionals.

We believe that in every average presentation is an awesome presentation. Aspiring Speakers Guild helps aspiring and emerging speakers grow and learn through observing others, practice and mentoring from experts. Members are empowered speakers learning how to become confident, effective and influential.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are you aspiring to be a professional speaker and need to practice your keynote?
  • Are you wanting to get paid to speak but have no idea where to start with presentations?
  • Are you a business person with a passion for presenting but know you can improve?
  • Are you a speaker looking to get personalised feedback on your presentation?
  • Are you relatively comfortable speaking to an audience and looking for the next step?
  • Are you not yet making the big enough bucks from stage to join in with professional groups?
  • Are you driven to dramatically improve and understand your presentations?

well then..

Presentation Boss presents the Aspiring Speakers Guild.
And we’d love for you to be involved at our next Brisbane event!

Why Do People Attend ASG?

There are speaking groups that focus on overcoming public speaking fear, but you feel you’ve learned those skills. There are groups that need you to earn big bucks from stage, but you’re not there yet. There are groups that help you build your speaking business, but you haven’t yet built an awesome keynote. People attend Aspiring Speakers Guild to present, practice and receive actionable and professional feedback on their talks. It’s also a place to meet other folks at a similar place in their speaking career, network and collaborate

What makes this public speaking group different?

We’re solely interested in helping you improve your speaking skills. A place for practicing and receiving feedback on your keynote as an emerging speaker from professional presentation skills coaches. This is the only group that bridges between ‘no longer afraid to speak’ and ‘big time keynote speaker’. You are aspiring to be a speaker and need a place to refine your presentation. You’ve mostly beaten the fear of speaking, but not yet booked solid as a speaker. So we made this space for you.


So you want to join in and be a part of the action! These are the perks:

  • Access to monthly meetings with no additional ‘meeting fee’.
  • Witness to all other speakers and their feedback.
  • The opportunity to deliver your keynote with immediate feedback.
  • Receive actionable, valuable feedback from Presentation Boss (normally charged at $250 p/h)
  • Monthly educational sessions to consistently improve your speaking toolkit.
  • Become a part of the wider Aspiring Speakers network.
  • Access to the private Facebook group to ask questions at any time plus bonus tips and offers.
  • Monthly momentum and accountability for your speaking learning.
  • Discounted private coaching with Presentation Boss.
  • Access to all current and future Presentation Boss online courses.
  • All photos taken of you speaking are royalty free for your use
  • The opportunity to video your speaking (super handy for your speaker reel!)

All we need from you is commitment to come along to our meetings and be ready to speak like a pro! You can apply to join us at any meeting where you’ll receive all of this with (we promise) no hidden fees or surprising charges.

ASG Values



ASG members pursue growth and learning for themselves and others. Always.



ASG members offer support, love and no judgement, creating a safe environment to foster courage.



ASG embraces and encourages individual personality.



ASG members build meaningful relationships.



ASG members always bring fun, and a little weirdness.

Event Details

Our meetings are held at the Story Bridge Hotel on the second Tuesday evening of each month. The program begins at 7:00pm and runs for 2 hours.

Guests are welcome to come along - your first meeting is free! Our upcoming meeting dates are:

• 9 July 2019

• 13 August 2019

• 10 September 2019

• 8 October 2019

• 12 November 2019

• 10 December 2019

Dates for 2020 are yet to be confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the meeting?

A willingness to learn and a few smiles. Also, whatever you feel you might need to take any notes.

What makes this public speaking group unique?

We’re solely interested in helping you improve your speaking skills. A place for practicing and receiving feedback on your keynote as an emerging speaker from professional presentation skills coaches. This is the only group that bridges between ‘no longer afraid to speak’ and ‘big time keynote speaker’.

Do I need prior experience to be part of this club?

Yes. And no. We expect you’ll be relatively comfortable speaking in front of a group of people and have made the decision to be a professional speaker. However, you need not have been paid to speak before. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to help and provide our honest advice.

Who will run the Aspiring Speakers Guild meeting?

Kate Norris and Thomas Krafft of Presentation Boss. To learn more about us, please visit

Why is this different to other public speaking groups?

The Aspiring Speakers Guild focusses on taking competent speakers and making them into confident speakers. The group is targeted at those who are relatively comfortable speaking (if you can get up in from of a group without being on the verge of a panic attack) and are looking to take the next step into speaking at a professional level. However, we have no entry requirement for paid speaking experience or money earned through speaking.

Are guests welcome to attend too?

Yes! Attending and observing will provide value, especially if you’re just looking to get into professional speaking. Or totally as a ‘try before you buy’. Your first ever visit to an ASG meeting is entirely free! You can come along obligation free to as many meetings as you’d like after that for just $49 per meeting.

What happens during the evening?

When you arrive, expect to be greeted, handed a small information pack and settle into a seat.

Two members will deliver their keynotes and immediately after, feedback will be provided to them in a helpful, actionable and supportive fashion. All attendees can learn from the feedback given.

The evening’s information session will then be presented on a topic dictated from our monthly curriculum, and afterwards there is plenty of opportunity to network, build relationships and socialise.

Aim to arrive at 6:45pm for a program start at 7:00pm. We’ll conclude at 9:00pm and there is an option to retire to the bar for social networking.