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How to Make an Audience Connect with Cold, Hard Data

Data is an important part of any business, forming the basis of effective decision-making. To make this a reality though, the information needs to not just get to the decision-makers, but they need to understand what it means. So how do you avoid bombarding your audience with facts and figures, leaving them stunned and without…

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Increase your credibility by avoiding these phrases

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a terrible presentation. Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on what’s wrong with. Often though, a poor presenter will go as far as to point out why their presentation is sub-par. When you’re making the presentation, how can you avoid these pitfalls? What phrases destroy your…

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One Easy Tip to Memorize Any Part of Your Presentation

In mid 2017 I found myself on a stage in a Public Speaking Contest final. I was one of 7 contestants from a membership of over 3500. I had won this same contest at the three levels beforehand and this was only the fourth time I would present these seven minutes on stage. From here…

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