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Death by PowerPoint?

We’ve all been there: wishing for death’s cold embrace as we endure a PowerPoint that should never have been created. While a lack of design or even too many slides may be forgivable, the biggest problem is far too much content.  How do we go about making sure we keep the content down? Simply put,…

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Our PowerPoint Design on the World Stage

A preview of the PowerPoint we built for Mark Hunter, broadcast from the Toastmasters International Convention in Vancouver, Canada to the world in August 2017. We were fortunate to see a rehearsal of this keynote on the Gold Coast earlier this month. The educational keynote was based on Mark’s book on leadership, Voice of the…

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Tutorial: Android Video Editing

A tutorial for The Point TV for KineMaster Video Editor Pro, the app we use to edit our videos. KineMaster is a fantastic program that’s easy to use and produces great videos [embedyt][/embedyt]

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