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The Articulate Analyst A Desktop Guide to Presenting your Work to Hold Attention and Inspire Action

By Kate Norris

Don't let your most valuable data and greatest insights be lost. Create smart data visualisations that communicate important information clearly and make your presentations stand out.

These days, anyone can take a spreadsheet of data and, with one click, create a chart. But there's a difference between a chart that looks for meaning and a chart that presents meaning. When your data is presented well, you’re able to turn that data into information and use it to drive better decisions, increasing your value to those around you.

This easy to read ebook provides actionable tips and quick wins in a simple and vibrant format to help you present a message rather than just data. Featuring checklists to create clean and concise graphs alongside simple presentation tips that you can use to stand out from the crowd and provide meaningful and memorable recommendations.

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