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TEAM TRAINING Helping great minds to communicate data clearly and concisely

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Would you like your team to…

  • Identify the story in their data
  • Explain complex concepts in a simple way to stakeholders, operational and/or non-technical staff
  • Avoid getting lost in detail when presenting their data

Unfortunately, the value of data is lost more often due to ineffective communication skills rather than lack of technical ability.

Presentation Boss empowers people to present their insights in a simple, organised and visual way to inspire action.

Suitable for written reports and verbal presentations, we share the proven system that helps your team to effectively Plan, Design and Deliver their actionable insights.

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Peter S

COO, finance industry

We decided to use Presentation Boss to enhance our team’s ability in the storytelling behind the data analysis. 

With the abundance of data in today’s businesses it can sometimes be challenging for those working with data to articulate key messages for stakeholder engagement, buy-in and strategic decision making. 

The feedback on Kate and Thomas’s sessions were excellent. Participants felt that the approach to being able to critically analyse and receive feedback on their own current reports and presentations provided a high level of relevance and value. 

The opportunity after the initial sessions to reconvene each month and apply learnings  was also seen as distinctive to previous training, and created excitement in having an ongoing support team to embed the learnings.

Participants left the sessions inspired and would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their data storytelling and presentation skills.

Justin T

Management Accountant, Attendee

Firstly thank you for the insightful training sessions with yourselves and I can say that I have immediately applied some of the points we've discussed in my reports. Really valuable and more than the CPD, your sessions are authentic skills development. 

I have gradually implemented your suggestions in my weekly report to the business (I began by removing the grid lines in my graphs and changing colours as a start!). They do make sense, so really they are very helpful suggestions. 

Hope to speak to both of you soon and I'm sure all of us have applied what we learned to our reports and presentations. 

Plan, Design, Deliver


We get it - it's difficult to take your team away from their work for Professional Development. However, one of the biggest benefits of communication training is the time that you regain afterwards. When people know how to communicate they;

  • hold shorter meetings
  • spend less time putting together emails, reports and presentations
  • write shorter (but more effective!) emails and reports
  • create and give shorter (but more effective!) presentations
  • are clearer in what they communicate therefore there is less confusion about/misinterpretation of information
  • stress and procrastinate less about impending presentations


Workshops are a lot of fun and not too theory-heavy; we focus on understanding and getting small wins for participants.

We also have an embedding program available that ensures that participants are implementing what they've learned and are able to continually develop their skills.


We follow a 3-tier process of "Plan, Design, Deliver" on the understanding that an effective presentation starts way before someone starts speaking. "Presentation Skills" all too often focus on only one of these elements; Deliver.

In PLAN, we work with participants to give them the skills to understand their audience and develop a clear message. This encompasses storytelling and organising information in a clear structure.

DESIGN is about the visual element. PowerPoint is standard, and includes data visualisation if the team is presenting information, statistics or graphs/charts.

This is the section that is tailored the most to each team, depending on your requirements and what they are typically communicating.

For further information, our free ebook that you can download here gives an idea of our style and content.

In DELIVER, we look at the physical delivery - body language, voice use, slide interaction, etc.

This is again tailored to the team, and also the individual at the time. Most teams have presenters at different skill levels. For example, with some attendees, we focus more on confidence and being heard, and for those who are more skilled, we can start to look at injecting humour and displaying personality and energy.


Soft skills are notoriously difficult to measure. We have our participants complete a thorough assessment before and after our workshops, and if the embedding program is utilised, it is also completed each quarter to track progress.

This breaks the presentation skillset down into individual components. It is always exciting to see the progress of our attendees and provides management the ability to report on the program.

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Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call to discuss your needs.

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