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3 Simple Ways to Improve your PowerPoints Immediately!


PowerPoint is the most used presentation software in the world. It is installed on basically every PC on the planet and thanks to being relatively easy to use, it is also the most abused piece of software. A tool for good, twisted and morphed into a tool for human torture. And I see you giggling, Apple users, but Keynote is no less abused!

While I and every designer could write for pages about the finer details of how to create the perfect template for a specific presentation, ain’t nobody got time for that! Here are three tips to lift your PowerPoint game quickly and easily!

Three steps to take every time you open PowerPoint

Step 1:

New Slide > Blank. Then delete that default starting slide.

Don’t be building slides from a one size fits-none template. It is easy to add in your own custom text boxes and images, but give yourself a chance by starting with a fully blank canvas.

Step 2:

Design Tab > Slide Size > Widescreen (16:9).

This not only gives you more space, but it also displays way better through the projector. It’s rare to find a projector that doesn’t do widescreen anymore.

Step 3:

Design Tab > Format Background > Solid Fill (select black) > Apply to all.

Nothing is more blinding and difficult to see than text or images on a pure white background. Black is effectively empty space and apart from making our eyes work less, it makes the projector work less. It’ll also save having to half darken the room to properly see the presentation.

It will take less than 30 seconds for you to quickly make these three changes each time you open PowerPoint and I promise you, it will automatically result in a far more enjoyable experience for your audience.

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