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Podcast: PowerPoint Tips Every Facilitator Needs to Know on The First Time Facilitator

Thomas had the opportunity to be interviewed on a Brisbane-based podcast called the First Time Facilitator. It’s all about the art and skills required for facilitators, trainers and anyone running workshops. The host, Leanne loved Thomas’ passion and expertise in PowerPoint and presentation skills and knew he had to come on the show and share with listeners all that he knew.

So they sat down and had a conversation. It’s full of simple tips and great snippets of advice all in just 28 minutes.

If you want to listen, check it out at this link, or search for ‘First Time Facilitator Episode 51’ in your favourite podcast app.

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • Why people struggle with using Powerpoint (and why you shouldn’t blame the software for ‘Death by powerpoint’)
  • Tips and tricks on designing PowerPoint preparations (Hint: Less, is more)
  • Why you need to consider all of the elements on stage, and whether they’re attracting, or detracting from your presentation
  • Questions to consider while creating PowerPoint slides
  • Keys to develop your confidence as first-time facilitator

Quotes of the show:

  • “Death by PowerPoint is a user-error; it’s not the software’s problem. It’s doing exactly what it’s told to do.”
  • “That’s what PowerPoints for: we are visual creatures and PowerPoint is a visual tool.”
  • The slides need to complement what is that you’re saying. You need to make your communication more efficient.”
  • “When you’re designing those slides and reviewing those slides and rehearsing, ask yourself all the time- ‘what can I remove from this slide and it still makes sense in the context of my presentation?’”
  • “Everything that happens on a stage is either attracting or detracting. So it needs to not detract from your presentation and distract from what it is that you’re saying.”
  • “Whatever the presentation is, be at workshop or a main stage presentation or a meeting at work, is that the slides come after the script.”
  • To me, it’s all about communication. It’s all about the art of taking an idea that’s inside my head and transferring it inside your head. And I love being able to do that and especially when you’re helping people to do something.”
  • “I always have the goal of people leaving the room is to think about what we spoke about today and try it.”

Ready to listen? check it out at this link, or search for ‘First Time Facilitator Episode 51’ in your favourite podcast app.

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