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Presentation Boss Podcast


100. PowerPoint Magic to Make Your Audience Say “Wow, How Did You Do That!”

By presentationboss / Mar 24, 2021

Celebrate episode one-hundred of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We’ve made it, folks, all the way to our goal of 100 weekly episodes of our podcast. A commitment to sharing the best skills, speeches and experts with you for nearly two years. And in this triple-digit episode we are bringing some flair, ninja skills and hidden…

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99. Johnny Quinn on Audience Engagement; Online and Offline

By presentationboss / Mar 17, 2021

It’s the last of the double-digits here on episode ninety-nine of the Presentation Boss Podcast! This week we had a conversation with an expert from New Zealand on presentation skills, audience engagement and facilitation. He reached out to us after listening to the show, promising he had something to offer. And Johnny Quinn, the presentologist…

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98. Speech Breakdown: Ignite Talk by Mark Cohen “How to Eat a Banana”

By presentationboss / Mar 10, 2021

Hold on for episode ninety-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Here we’re listening to a talk from the internet and pausing as we go to evaluate, make comment and highlight what the presenter does. We’re looking at a new type of speech; the Ignite Talk. A 5 minute speech where every 15 seconds the slides…

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97. How to Crush Your Fears and Stop Avoiding Speaking Up

By presentationboss / Mar 3, 2021

Let’s kick off episode ninety-seven of The Presentation Boss Podcast! A few weeks ago, Kate had a conversation at a social function and spoke to two individuals who confessed they avoid speaking and presenting at all costs, even though they know it holds their careers back. Naturally, she asked some deeper questions and found the…

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96. Marty Wilson on Why More Funny Equals More Money

By presentationboss / Feb 24, 2021

Have a laugh on episode ninety-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We have another guest expert interview discussion. And today it is with a name that has sat on Kate’s bookshelf for years, and a Queensland local too. Marty Wilson is the author of More Funny, More Money all about how to incorporate humour into…

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95. Speech Breakdown: TED Talk by Brené Brown “The power of vulnerability”

By presentationboss / Feb 17, 2021

We’re in the charts for episode ninety-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this episode, we took another look at the most-watched TED Talks of all time, where we’ve played before and today chose to tackle the number four on that list. Brené Brown has become a worldwide-known speaking name with a PhD, Netflix special…

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94. Five Speaking Myths – Busted!

By presentationboss / Feb 10, 2021

It’s a battle on misinformation in episode ninety-four The Presentation Boss Podcast! Kate and Thomas hear a lot of advice about speaking. Some of it is awesome. Some of it is average. And some of it is between entirely wrong and toxic. No doubt this advice and ideas is shared with the best of intent…

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93. Anthony Metivier on Presentation Memory Techniques

By presentationboss / Feb 3, 2021

This is a show to remember. Episode ninety-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Today we have back Anthony Metivier, who you may remember from when we did a breakdown of his TED Talk (that Thomas coached). He is known as The Memory Guy, for being an expert in memory, recollection and observation techniques. We know…

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92. Speech Breakdown: TED Talk by Niro Sivanathan ” The counterintuitive way to be more persuasive”

By presentationboss / Jan 27, 2021

Prepare for discussions on episode ninety-two of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this episode, Kate and Thomas take a look at a TED Talk all about persuasion in presentations – yes it is a bit meta, but we love the double-whammy of knowledge you’ll see here. There is a lot to learn here, from excellent…

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91. Healthy Habits to Make You a Better Speaker

By presentationboss / Jan 20, 2021

Set sail for episode ninety-one of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Kate and Thomas had a conversation about what makes a great speaker. And eventually agreed that there are a number of exercises they each consciously implemented (some many years ago) that became habits and have definitely improved their skills. In all the guest interviews, these…

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90. The Best of Guests: Highlights from 2020 Conversations

By presentationboss / Jan 13, 2021

Time to reflect on episode ninety of The Presentation Boss. One of the proudest products of 2020 for Kate and Thomas was the quality of this podcast. And that was hugely driven by the fantastic guests who agreed to be on the show. Regardless where they were in the world, we managed to reach out,…

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89. A Look Back at 2020, and Ahead to 2021 for Presentation Boss

By presentationboss / Jan 6, 2021

It was a massive year for The Presentation Boss Podcast and we’re talking all about it in episode eighty-nine today. It’s convenient, as hindsight is always twenty-twenty! Kate and Thomas sat down to reflect on the year behind us, how the business changed, what the weekly podcast achieved and where we’ve pointed for the next…

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