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11. The Key Communication Skill of the 21st Century with Julian Mather

Welcome to episode 11 Presentation Boss Podcast, a conversation with an expert. Thomas and Kate have a conversation with Julian Mather. His zone of genius is in how to use video to communicate in your business. He has the credibility, understanding and experience to back it up too!

We’ve known Julian for many years and admire both his depth of knowledge in the video space, his passion for the topic when speaking on and off stage and also, his life experience which he is not stingy with. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with Julian and we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening along.

About Our Guest
Julian Mather has seen the world through many lenses.
• Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper
• Through the TV lens as a globe trotting cameraman for ABCTV, National Geographic, BBC and Discovery
• Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician

He’s traveled far but his longest journeys have been from:
• behind the camera to in front of it
• from public servant to entrepreneur
• from stutterer to professional speaker

He now shares why – as a world class videographer – the only camera he owns is a smartphone and how this pocket-sized TV station will revolutionise the way you make your business videos.

Julian now guides people on their journey to creating 21st-century video and becoming 21st-century learners: two essential business skills for the coming decade.

What You’ll Learn
• The four industrial revolutions and what it means for knowledge and skills
• Our interface to the brave new world of communication
• Why we may struggle to like how we look and sound on video
• Where to start with getting you and your business on video
• The difference between making business videos, and making videos for virality
• A strategy for making an easy, expert series of videos
• What your video should say and exactly how it should be structured
• The efficiency hack we can learn from broadcast television
• How long should your videos be
• The growth of confidence earned by being on your feet, speaking
• The importance of hands in communication and you need them on video
• An important checklist for mentally preparing yourself before filming
• The people to watch to learn brilliant video techniques
• The learning opportunity and concept that is the footpath university

Mentioned In The Show
• Pink Sheets by Matt Church: https://www.pinksheetprocess.com/get-the-book
• Julian Mather’s website: http://www.julianmather.com/

Resources and Links
• Learn more from Julian: http://www.julianmather.com/
• Email us: [email protected]
• The Presentation Boss Podcast: https://presentationboss.com.au/podcast/
• Kate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-norris/
• Thomas on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-krafft/
• Presentation Boss on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/presentationboss/
• Presentation Boss on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/presentation-boss

Quotes From This Episode
• “Communication was my path into the future”
• “Communication is absolutely critical now as we’re coming into the fourth industrial revolution”
• “The ability communication is incredibly important for your future”
• “The average household has 17 devices connected to the internet”
• “More people in the world own a smartphone than a toothbrush”
• “We all need to learn to communicate better and video is an essential 21st century skill”
• “Until you believe you are the right person to authentically speak to your client or customer, nothing else is going to happen”
• “Make videos for leads, not likes”
• “It’s not about you. Stop thinking inwardly, start thinking outwardly”
• “It’s easier to make five videos than it is to make one”
• “It’s a psychological thing that builds your KLT; know, like and trust”

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