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12. How to Deal with Difficult Audience Members During a Q&A Session

Here it is! episode twelve of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Unfortunately not every time you present, not every audience member is going to act perfectly by you. Sometimes you get a tricky audience member who has something to say and you’re going to get emotional. While we have a few stories and examples ourselves, we’ve always made sure to learn from the experience.

In this episode we share those stories but more importantly, exactly how to cope with a difficult audience member during a Q&A session. Plus, we’ll explore a bit of the psychology around why people aren’t always ideal during these sessions and how to remain cool, calm and in control!

We begin the episode with some feedback from a listener. It made us think and we’ll take it on board in future.

What You’ll Learn
• The authority and control balance that takes place during a Q&A session
• Being prepared for the emotion and nerves of a difficult situation
• The three goals you as a presenter, need to achieve when dealing with a difficult audience member
• Being assertive, and how it can show kindness and respect
• The five different types of difficult audience member
• Why each type of difficult audience member acts the way they do
• Exactly what to say to acknowledge and move on from each type of difficult audience member
• How and why you must index responses in advance

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Quotes From This Episode
• “It’s worth knowing how to deal with these situations while still maintaining your poise, composure and remaining respectful”
• “Whoever is asking the questions is in control of the conversation”
• “If I answer this question, is it actually going to help everyone else in the room?”
• “If you react in a calm and diplomatic way, it will earn you credibility”
• “Sometimes the best way to deal with a difficult audience member is not to deal with them”

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