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15. The Simple Structure for Almost Every Presentation

We’re excited that it’s already episode fifteen of The Presentation Boss Podcast! All presentations need a structure. Simply standing and talking will rarely achieve much comprehension or communication at all. Preparation is always needed. And that preparation in part should be dedicated to the order and framework in which your words, thoughts and content will flow.

Here it is, yours to use, the simple structure that we have both used, teach in our workshops and provide to our coaching clients. It’s simple, it’s quick and it works!

What You’ll Learn
• Why a complex structure can be counter-productive
• The reasons why a clear structure is important
• Exactly where to start with preparation
• The two questions you need to ask of your audience
• How to determine the takeaway message for your presentation
• The benefit of restricting the scope of a presentation, and an example using a brick
• What the difference is between a theme and a message
• The absolute most important consideration for your presentation
• The simple structure to use for almost every presentation
• How to make this simple structure fit any length presentation
• Why information overload can be alleviated by good structure

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Quotes From This Episode
• “Every time you speak, you are persuading your audience; at very least persuading them to continue to listen to you”
• “As soon as it becomes easier to look out the window, then that’s what your audience is going to do”
• “It is vital that you have a structure that is logical, easy to follow and best communicates your message”
• “People are not just empty vessels that need your information poured into them”
• “Five is way off”

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