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26. Elisa James

26. Using Your Voice with Elisa James

It’s episode twenty six of the Presentation Boss Podcast! We are halfway to our goal of a year of weekly episodes! Kate and Thomas by chance ended up together at an exclusive event where Elisa James was presenting on using your voice correctly. From that first encounter, we both ended up using some of her breathing techniques. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and knew that Elisa would be of great value to the podcast audience. And she accepted!

Again we have a longer than usual episode, but we believe Elisa’s passion in just sharing her extensive knowledge is entirely worth sharing. Sit back and listen as Elisa talks all about how our voice works, how to care for it and some tips and tricks to ensure we never lose it!
About Our Guest
Elisa James became a full-time actor, singer & entertainer at 15 when she was cast in her first big touring production with Rudas International as a singer/dancer/acrobat, closely followed at 16 by a 12 month contract with Barnum Australian Tour as a trapeze artist, dancer and singer. Years of touring followed with pantomime, cabaret, theatre, show bands and musical theatre shows.

During the 80’s & 90’s as a solo artist, she sang all over Sydney & was also a popular studio singer for radio/TV, laying vocal tracks for TV ads, or as session singer for EMI & BMG records. IN 1995 Elisa moved to Amsterdam signing with CNR records & performed all over Europe: as session singer, pop artist, songwriter, then finally the Cabaret genre where she sang on luxury cruise ships world-wide. In 2005, she moved to the USA & toured with her Cabaret and theatre shows, sang in Jazz clubs, starred in music theatre, and worked as an actor in theatre, film & TV until 2014 when she returned to live in Australia.

Since her return to her homeland, Elisa completed her second Masters Degree, this time in Voice

Production and opened the High Performance Voice Academy in 2016. Elisa still performs and has just returned from an Australian Tour of Menopause the Musical playing the Soap Star. In between shows she teaches Holistic Voice and Presentation Coaching for: Speakers, Actors and Singers and conducts workshops and seminars for Corporate Clients

What You’ll Learn
• How tension and anxiety gets in the way of good vocal use

• The psychology behind why we sound the way we sound

• Using the voice as an instrument to move from anxiety to confidence

• What gets corporate speakers unstuck with their speaking

• How to look after your voice and ensure you do not lose it

• A humorous explanation of the “Australian accent”

• What to do when you’re sick but still need to present

• The scary truth about overusing your voice and physically damaging your instrument

• The single biggest thing we should all do to better maintain our voice

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