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28. Speech Breakdown: Zig Ziglar “Attitude Makes All The Difference”

Let’s power into episode twenty-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast! And we’ve found ourselves looped back to give a speech breakdown of a presentation that we found on the internet. Thomas went looking for a motivational speaker and decided on this example. Kate hadn’t seen it before, so listen along as they watch Zig Ziglar and make comment about what he does exceptionally well, and what doesn’t feel quite right. And being this speech is 20-30 years old, it does get quite interesting!

Again we have a shorter talk, so we have lots of time to discuss the aspects of the presentation. Keep an ear out for the brilliant use of storytelling to embed a lesson as well as variety in the rate of speech. There’s a lot to learn from this early-bird in the motivational speaking space. We are often told this format is a favourite of many listeners, so let us know if you love them too!

What You’ll Learn
• How to set up a lot of context using storytelling in an introduction

• How setting up a big question at the start of a presentation forces your audience to be engaged

• The dangers of not having a clear voice and/or speaking too quickly

• Why setting up stakes in a story drives a narrative and persuasive presentation

• Being careful of the word choices you make to ensure credibility

• Two ways to provide emphasis on the pertinent and important points of your talk

• What careful choice of story can mean for relatability to your audience

• The massive power of contrast

• Exactly when a long list can be used for emphasis, but how to not be tedious

• What to do when you stumble over your words

Used In The Show

• Zig Ziglar | “Attitude Makes All The Difference”:

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