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36. Special: What We’ve Learned From This Podcast

It is time to kick The Presentation Boss Podcast into 2020! Let’s be real, we couldn’t’ve done it any earlier! Kate and Thomas sat down to reflect on the year behind us and the seven months that this podcast has been going each and every week. A few questions get asked of us by our network, so we thought we’d touch on those answers plus share some of our learnings so far.

And then as you’d expect looking down the next twelve fresh months ahead of us and what achievements we’re setting our sights on. Again, we had some good fun with this episode and for those playing along at home, this recording did take a little over an hour, to be edited down to what you hear today. Turns out, we tend to dissolve into chatter and giggles a lot in between actually talking about talking in a valuable manner.

Covered in this episode:

• The Presentation Boss story. Unsure how we got to where we are? Allow us to give the 150 word summary!

• A compilation of all the questions about podcasting we get. How long does it take, where do we record, what microphone do we use? Behold, our answers!

• What we’ve learned in the process of making this podcast. Little skills, business advice and a trip into ‘Confession Corner’

• After a scroll through our back catalogue, we shared the four little skills that we’ve learned from our interviews and speech breakdowns (links below!)

• Our vision and some goals for the year ahead, plus an opportunity for a Presentation Boss Podcast meetup!

Mentioned In The Show

• Episode 11: Julian Mather – Communicating on Video

• Episode 14: Leanne Hughes – Being an Outstanding facilitator

• Episode 16: Speech Breakdown – Phil M Jones “Exactly What To Say”

• Episode 26: Elisa James – How to Properly Use Your Voice

Resources and Links
• Email us: [email protected]
• The Presentation Boss Podcast:
• Kate on LinkedIn:
• Thomas on LinkedIn:
• Presentation Boss on facebook:
• Presentation Boss on LinkedIn:

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