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46. Exactly What To Say with Phil M Jones

It’s a big one on episode forty-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast! When we started this podcast, we made a wish-list of guests we’d love to feature on the show that we would have to work towards. Phil M Jones (or PMJ as he’s affectionately known by us) was top of Thomas’ list and so he started working towards having PMJ on the show. An unexpected geographical opportunity arose and several months (or more) earlier than expected, we had the opportunity to meet with and record with PMJ.

We enjoyed a two-hour conversation here in Brisbane and recorded over an hour of it for this show. We discussed business, podcasting and presentation skills. The excitement is real, but so is the value in this conversation. So listen in to hear Phil M Jones wisdom for the second time on the podcast – his specialty is in persuasion, motivation and having exactly the right words to say for when it matters most.

About Our Guest
Phil M. Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell” and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears and instantaneously impact bottom line results. Author of five international best-selling books, and the youngest ever winner of coveted “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award”, Phil is currently one of the most in-demand assets to companies worldwide. He is by no means your typical sales expert.

With the experience of over 2,000 presentations in over 50 countries across five continents, Phil has a busy and active travel schedule. When not on the road, you will find him at home in New York City or in his peaceful retreat in Buckinghamshire, England.

What You’ll Learn

• The importance of having the right words to say ahead of time, as opposed to just ‘winging it’

• Why you should always know the right thing to say at the right time, or #ExactlyWhatToSay

• Changing your words can change your life, but not just in sales

• How to internalise those key phrases and have them at the ready for when they’re needed most

• Why you should write a script for presentations, then potentially never use it.

• The considerations for the characters you play during conversations

• How to motivate your audience to adopt your ideas, or take action

• The three-step process for widening the gap and creating a need for your audience

• Considerations for the line between showing interest in people you want to have a conversation with, and being outright creepy.

• How Phil M Jones prepares for a presentation PLUS what lead him to his current presentation style.

• So, so, so much more!

Mentioned In The Show

Phil M Jones on LinkedIn

Phil M Jones’ website (which has links to where you can buy all of his books)

• Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People

• Phil M Jones: How to Persuade and Get Paid (Audible Original)
Resources and Links
• Email us: [email protected]
• The Presentation Boss Podcast:
• Kate on LinkedIn:

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