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64. Nolan Haims with Data Visualisation

Hello there, it’s episode sixty-four of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Way back when Thomas started listening to podcasts about presentations, he came across one called ‘The Presentation Podcast’ (Yes, the similarity of the name is noted). It has since become his most listened to podcast. Nolan Haims is one of the co-hosts of that show and is a master in presentations, data-visualisation and PowerPoint design.

More recently, Kate has jumped on board the Nolan Haims fan-train and were both excited to have a conversation with him about this topic. There’s a load of valuable conversation about charts and graphs use, where design fits into presentation preparation, and how you can start to move from average data presentation towards something better for communication.

About Our Guest
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of visual communications, Nolan Haims helps individuals and organizations tell better stories with fewer words. He has created thousands of presentations including keynote addresses for Fortune 500 CEOs, TED Talks and multi-million dollar winning agency pitches.

In a past life, Nolan was an award-winning magician and juggler and performed with the Moscow Circus and Vermont’s Circus Smirkus before turning to theatre. He directed and wrote professionally, creating stories on stages in New York and around the USA for a decade.

As Vice President and Director of Presentation for Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, he founded and ran a department dedicated to raising the agency’s bar on visual communication.

He runs his own visual communications consultancy in Montclair, New Jersey. Nolan trains organizations to think visually, speaks at national conferences, writes about visual storytelling at, and is a co-host of The Presentation Podcast. As one of only 35 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, he regularly advises the PowerPoint development team.

What You’ll Learn

• What the difference is between using different graphing software to present your data

• How using PowerPoint is exactly the same as using Prezi, Keynote, Google Slides or Canva

• Why you should create graphs with quick comprehension in mind

• How you can move your team/organisation from how they currently present data, to an objectively better way
• How to build better data presentations

• The debate around pie charts vs. bar charts

• If you’re just getting started, how you can begin to create better designed slides

• Loads more – seriously, you have to just listen in!

Mentioned In The Show

• The podcast that Nolan co-hosts (and Thomas loves): The Presentation Podcast

• Nolan Haims’ blog:

• Nolan Haims’ corporate website:

• Edward Tufte’s books

Resources and Links
• Email us: [email protected]
• The Presentation Boss Podcast:
• Kate on LinkedIn:
• Thomas on LinkedIn:
• Presentation Boss on facebook:
• Presentation Boss on LinkedIn:

Quotes from the Show

• “No presentation has ever been made better by adding a bullet point”

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