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71 Lindsay

71. Lindsay Adams OAM on Relationships and Professional Speaking

All rise for episode seventy-one of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Today on the show we have fellow Brisbane-boy Lindsay Adams. And if you’re wanting to hear from someone who has been there, done that and got the T-shirt when it comes to speaking, then listen in close today!

Kate and Thomas first met Lindsay almost by chance at a Professional Speakers Association meeting, and soon after learned the magnitude of his accomplishment. Also, plenty of previous guests have made sure we never forget about him!

Chatting to him was relaxed, authentic and full of lessons, stories and great tips (Thomas has already implemented some since the recording). A man who worked in the public sector, started his own business and has since become a global speaker on relationships in business. We know you’ll pick up plenty to make this listen very worthwhile.

About Our Guest

Lindsay Adams is a practiced speaking professional, seminar facilitator and relationship marketing specialist. With over 20 years relationship marketing experience, Lindsay’s focus is on building effective relationships and generating more sales in less time by doing business by relationship.

Lindsay is able to identify what stimulates staff. In his presentations he coaches his audience to help them achieve peak performance. Lindsay offers solutions to help increase sales and maximise an organisation’s ‘Relationship Building Power’.

His customised keynote presentations and workshops are tailored to meet specific organisational needs and provide educational information in an entertaining way. He provides the tools to assist you to retain, re-train and relate to staff, and focus on teamwork and achievement.

Lindsay was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the January 2020 Australia Day Honours for his service to the professional speaking industry. He was the 2009-2010 President of the Global Speakers Federation and is a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA).

He holds the first ever Global Speaking Fellow designation. The Global Speaking Fellow is awarded by the Global Speakers Federation and the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers.

What You’ll Learn

• How Lindsay’s work uses a spin on the traditional DiSC to help create relationships

• The history and transferable lessons that lead Lindsay from public servant to serving his industry

• Why and how we should be investing in relationships in these slow economic times

• A handful of actionable tips and steps to help you get ahead in communication and conversations

• Exactly how much effort you should put into your professional relationships

• Is constant contact annoying, being a pest or actually ok?
• What the benefits are to looking at a professional speaking organisation such as the PSA or Toastmasters

• How serving and being a leader can pay itself back to you tenfold

Mentioned In The Show

Lindsay Adams’ Website

• Lindsay is the CEO of Integrus Australia

Free Colour Assessment Tool

The Professional Speakers Association

Toastmasters International

• Lindsay recommended 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

• The book he couldn’t think of was Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

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