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"I'd love to help you create an informative and unforgettable event experience for your audience."


Kate is a Presentation Coach, Speaker and Co-founder of Presentation Boss.

A former data-analyst with a passion for presenting technical information, Kate's specialty is turning potentially dry information (especially numbers!) into energetic and engaging presentations.

Combined with a refusal to be anything other than her kind-of-dorky self, she knows how to own the a boss.

If you're a business, conference or academic institution, I'd love to work together to create a fun and valuable experience for you.

Some Nice Things People Have Said...

Inspire Your Team!

The Articulate Expert

Are you struggling to get your results and data presented well? Chances are your data is not clearly showing what you know to be true and you’re struggling to maintain your audience’s attention.

With some practical design knowledge plus storytelling skills, YOU can be memorable, interesting and inspire action.

This talk will equip you with a new toolkit to

☑ present your data better

☑ put some narrative around your results

☑ have your presentations and recommendations acted upon.


Speaking Topics

» Data Visualisation

» Data Storytelling

» Presenting Dry Information

» Presentation Planning, Design & Delivery

Custom Keynote or Workshop

Kate is available to deliver a custom keynote or workshop for any organisation who wants to increase the communication skills of their experts.