We don't just train public speaking...

...we also do it! We have each given hundreds of presentations to every audience size - from small networking groups up to conferences of several hundred. We love sharing our ideas and knowledge and bringing an audience along for the energetic ride. Nothing is better for an event than an audience getting engaged with an enthusiastic speaker and everyone learning and growing in the process.

Thomas and Kate have seen great success in public speaking contests and have inspired all sorts of audiences. We have also been on the organising end of events such as conferences, big training days (150+ attendees) and networking meetings. We each know the importance of being reliable, responsive and ready for anything. This means when you hire Presentation Boss to speak at your event, you are hiring a partner in achieving your business and event goals.

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Effective Design And Use of PowerPoint

PowerPoint is everywhere. Every person has used it and we have all experienced 'Death by PowerPoint'; the endless click and read, click and read.

The convenience for presenters can be costly to both content communication and the audience. Such simple software to use, yet anybody can be guilty of putting together a PowerPoint presentation that actually detracts from their information. And nearly every time, the presenter hasn't got a clue of this self-sabotage

So how do you effectively design and use PowerPoint so it supports your presentation and ensures your message is communicated and even enjoyed? It can be done, and it can be done easily by you!

What You'll Learn:

  • When and why to use PowerPoint - the background psychology you can exploit!
  • The simple steps that make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your PowerPoint design
  • The considerations you need to be aware of when using PowerPoint


Dealing With All That Can Go Wrong

The best laid plans often go awry. Unfortunately regardless of how much preparation and practise goes into a presentation, things can (and will) go wrong. The PowerPoint projector fails, times and venues change or the audience has that one person who seems intent on making your life difficult.

How we deal with these situations can make or break our credibility, reputation and confidence. And dealt with incorrectly can make a negative impact on how people think of you that's hard to overcome. But there's another way to look at these moments; as opportunities. How do you best prepare for the worst and control the situation you find yourself in for the best possible outcome? It can absolutely be done with a few tools.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to present in the event of a last-minute technical failure
  • The types of difficult audience members and how to deal with each, respectfully
  • Mental tips and processes to maintain composure and control of the situation


Engage Your Audience With Technical Content

Are you an expert in your field? Do you ever need to explain something technical - something that people aren’t already fairly familiar with?

It’s so easy to lose people in the twists and turns of your mind when you have the curse of knowledge. Using the power of storytelling combined with her background in data analytics, Kate will share how to take technical communication and make it effective communication.

Your audience leaves this keynote knowing:
• The most common mistake we make when presenting technical information, and what to do instead
• The questions every presentation must answer
• A simple tool to help understand your audience


The Secret to World Class Presentations

TED talks have changed people’s understanding of great presentations, and the bar has been raised for all of us. Good enough is no longer good enough.

Our managers, staff and clients are fast starting to expect the same from all presentations. The problem is, where do you even start to put together a presentation like this?

After this session, your attendees will understand:
• The three levels on which TED talks — and successful communications — succeed
• The universal points every presentation must address
• How to grab and keep an audience’s attention

For event organisers

You've found the perfect speaker/s for your event, communicated with them and negotiated the deal that best serves your event and gets the most value out of the speaker.

But don't expect your speaker to arrive on the day and be brilliant without a little bit more communication between now and then. Some speakers will have very defined expectations and requirements, some will not.

Everyone is different and it can be handy to have a bit of a guide about how to best communicate with speakers so they can provide the event with the best experience.


Our Values



Pursue growth and learning. Always.



Foster courage in a safe environment. Support, love and no judgement.



Display understanding over knowledge. Experience is greater than theory.



Exhibit passion and determination.



Embrace personality.



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Build meaningful relationships.



Show humility and true self.



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